Rimba Conservation Crew


Rimba Conservation Crew started up at the beginning of 2017 – with an unparalleled passion for education and changing the world around us. RCC runs a variety of activities, events and projects at the resort to ‘Conserve.Protect.Inspire – One beach at a time’.

Turtle hatchery

In April 2017, we opened a turtle hatchery and managed to release more than 1,600 baby turtle into the ocean during our first year! Nesting season is from March to October, so if you are staying with us during that time there is a chance you will witness a nest hatching. This usually happens at night, sometimes in the middle of the night, Rimba Conservation Crew will find out if you want to be woken up if we are expecting babies! If you would like to help support the hatchery, you can help us by adopting a nest. You will be able to name it and we will send you pictures or a video of it hatching. We also sell Rimba Conservation Crew T-shirts.

On a day to day basis you can help by saying NO to single use plastic.

Conservation Club

Run by Rimba Conservation Crew, our Conservation club is a kids club with an educational difference! We aim to educate, inspire and change the way children think when it comes to the environment around them. We involve the children in beach cleans and eco talks and keep it fun with beach games and competitions.
On a day to day basis you can help by saying NO to single use plastic.

Other conservation efforts

As more than 90% of pollution in the ocean comes from single-use plastic we decided it was time to do something about it. In April 2016, we made the decision to stop selling plastic bottles and join the ‘Ban the Bottle’ movement. As of January 2018 that meant we had avoided adding an additional 40,000 plastic bottles to the planet! In January 2017, we also stopped using plastic straws. Another step to avoid extra waste! Unfortunately beach cleans have to be part of everyday life on the island. Every high tide washes in more plastic, polystyrene, ropes and nets. We encourage all of our guests to help out where you want to – it is everyone’s responsibility. We see it in everyday life, on our beaches – this includes dead turtles and dugongs washing up on our beach. We also organise dives against debris to clean our house reef, guests are welcome to join the team on these dives!

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