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Our Hi-Tide Dive Center professionals have over 20 years of combined diving experience around the Pulau Sibu area, and more than 30 years experience in the dive industry.

Rimba Resort boasts a 200 metre vibrant house reef in the bay just in front of the resort. This means you can snorkel directly from our private beach. We also offer snorkelling trips to uninhabited islands surrounded by brilliant reefs and gorgeous beaches.

With more than 2 dozen dive sites within 15-30 minutes of the resort by boat, Rimba Resort is a great place to get your certification. Our dive sites are known as fringe or sloping reef dives which make them perfect for multi-level dives, and divers of any skill.

Are you ready to take diving to the next level? Hi-Tide Divers at Rimba Resort is proud to offer PADI Specialty Dive Courses designed to help you do just that. Each one of these Diving Courses will help hone your skills, as well as increase your knowledge, and comfort in the water.

Rimba Conservation Crew started up at the beginning of 2017 – with an unparalleled passion for education and changing the world around us. RCC runs a variety of activities, events and projects at the resort to ‘Conserve.Protect.Inspire – One beach at a time’.

Rimba Resort is host to a wide variety of island activities such as ; Jungle Trekking, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and Beach Volleyball.

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